Therapy & Counseling

Therapy and counseling in English

If you need counseling, therapy, or just a sensible, impartial person to speak to, I might be the one to contact.

I am a Licensed Danish Psychologist and I offer therapy in English. My clinic is in the middle of Kongens Lyngby, and I speak to employees at the many international companies around town, as well as to students at DTU.

On top of being a Clinical Psychologist, I also have a certification in Metacognitive Therapy (MCT). This method is very useful when it comes to dealing with anxiety, depression, and overthinking or worrying. Research implies that overthinking is at the core of many psychological problems. By dealing with this bad habit, a lot of stress and physiological tension can be relieved and you will experience more energy and joy.

I am, of course, trained in various therapeutic methodologies. First and foremost, I do my best to understand you and your situation, to be able to meet you in a helpful way.

I offer help with a variety of psychological problems, stress-reactions, crisis and difficult life situations. My English is not without the typical Danish accent 😉 but my husband is American and I feel very comfortable communicating in English as I do it everyday.

Contact me if you want to hear more.